Summer Camp Top 10


The benefits of summer camp experiences for children are endless. Here are just a few:

1. Make true friends:

Camp encourages kids to relax and make friends easily. As all the fun at camp draws everyone together, camp creates friendships.

2. Physical activity:

Children spend their day being physically active – camp provides a wonderful opportunity to swim, jump, hike, and climb. Camp is action.

3. Boosts self-confidence:

Children build self-confidence and self-esteem with non-competitive activities and diverse opportunities to succeed. Camp teaches kids that they can.

4. Develop life-long skills:

Camps provide the right instruction, equipment, and facilities for children to enhance their sports abilities, artistic talents, and adventure skills. Camps expand children’s abilities.

5. Develop Spiritual Life

Camp provides a safe atmosphere for campers to pursue values and faith. Camp provides opportunities to connect with Jesus and His teachings.

6. Become more independent:

Camp is the perfect place for kids to make their own decisions without parents and teachers directing them.  Camps help manage their choices in a safe, caring environment.

7. Learn social skills:

Camps are close-knit communities where everyone cooperates and respects each other. Children share chores, resolve disagreements, and see the importance of sincere communication.

8. Reconnect with nature:

Camp provides access to outdoor activities that enhance children’s perception of the outside world.

9. Mentorship

Camp provides a solid opportunity to provide mentorship.  Helping campers to think of their future and how to get there is a priority of each staff member.

10. Unplug from technology:

Camps give kids a break from TV, cell phones and the internet, and help them rediscover their creativity.