2Pray JCI Prayer Movement Happening in British Columbia

A gathering of young people at the new Adventist Church, “The Church in the Valley”, on October 3, 2015, starting at 9:00 am will provide an unforgettable experience together.

The Church In The Valley
23589 Old Yale Rd. Langley, BC

Phone: 604-308-5627

Experiences and Conversations Shared for the Day

You are my everything so I choose 2Pray.
What have you done to me to make me free 2Pray.
When you are in love now and forever you have 2Pray.
Crazy in love is the slice of life I long for when I commit 2Pray.
Who really lives this way and does it really matter 2Pray.
After hours from here on out I will continue 2Pray.
Impressed to Act

Since the story of Jesus is so impressive we are drawn to it. God speaking a language we can understand. When we spend time “we get it” – we are impressed. Together we can be more than impressed. We can join a community of youth and young adults who want to go beyond being impressed like watching a YouTube video. We can come together to figure out how to act our lives with Jesus. Would you want to be more than a spectator? Come October 3, 2015 for an amazing experience. (Jesus, the Activist)

Believe His Promises

I am caught off guard at times when I read the encounters with the God of the universe. He really does love His creation. And to add more impact he wants me to test Him to get a clear picture of what He is about. There are promises and commitments God makes to us today that will demonstrate that love if we learn them. This is what 2Pray is hoping to accomplish. Engaging in His crazy love and our loving him back together. Would you take the chance to be a part of the change? (Jesus, The Son of God)
Be the Good Those Desire

In the report from Luke in the book of Acts, the followers of Jesus prayed together. There was stirring in their hearts that something great was happening with God and they were a part of it. It was more than a coming together to church to listen to a presentation they united in prayer. They were shaken and filled by the Holy Spirit. Could it be that if we encounter God He can turn us into a force for good? What if you were the hands, feet, smile, and touch of healing power of God promises? (Paul, a follower of Jesus)

Believe, Heal, Changed

Who really believes this God? Can He impact my life? Is God really personal?

If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and forgive them their sin and heal their land. Now mine eyes shall be open, and my ears attentive to their prayers made in this place. (The Chronicles of the Kings.)

Come and be changed. He will engage you in this experience. What if this day can change the rest of my life? Really!

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